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Requirements: 31st Normandy Mod, EditorUpdate 1.02, Schmalfelden and Isla Barbuda
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Version: 1.0

Date: 2008-11-12 18:02

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WW2 coop-pack

Coop mission-pack based on WW2 era.

    - SecureBeachHead(TheWall) Southern Sahrani (CoopMission)
    - DisruptSupplyHarbor Southern Sahrani (CoopMission)
    - CounterOffensive Schmalfelden (CoopMission)
    - DestroyAmmoCache Schmalfelden (CoopMission)
    - DestroyGunBattery Isle Barbuda (CoopMission)
    - ShootingRange/WeaponsCheck Southern Sahrani (For WeaponTesting Purpose)
    - SetupTemplate/Troop-GearCheck Southern Sahrani (For Mission builders)
Place the mission pbo(s) file(s) in your ArmA\MPMissions folder.

Addons suggestion:
The following addons are suggested to run serversided to enhance gameplay and enhance AI:
- Durgs VegetationFix
- RAE SandbagFix
- Truegameplay AI Enhancement
- Truegameplay AI Hearing
- Truegameplay AI Radar
- Truegameplay AI Spotting
- VFAI_Equipment (uses ExtendedEventHandlers)
- ExtendedEventhandlers

Known issues:
- First Aid Box / MedTent !!
(Adds Player Action to multiple players, if they are to close to the MedBox or MedTent)

- TeamStatus not showing up after paradrop (DestroyAmmoCache).

Forums topic:

- 31stWW2 MOD
- EditorUpdate v1.02
- Schmalfelden - no undergrowth
- Isla Barbuda

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