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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.0
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Date: 2008-11-14 09:02

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AH-6 littlebird "mo'guns"

I started this addon in an attempt to overcome the age old limit of one weapon muzzle per gun on a vehicle. I was successful, so I threw some extra weapons on it, fixed the glass clipping bug and tweaked the textures and materials a bit. I even added a new sound for it, so all in all its a nice little old school single unit addon. No scripts or compatibility, just play with it. Its good against convoys and stuff, and with the hellfires it can take out a tank. The M134s fire like there are actually two guns there. I know someone already released a scripted version of this, but I did this mainly as a technical experiment to see if it could be done without scripts.

Not much effort was but into the appearance, but it gets the job done.

    2x Hellfire
    2x M134 man shredders with 4000 rounds
    1x m260 19 round FFAR pod
Extract to your ArmA\Addons folder or use the modfolder method (recommended).
If you do not know how to use/make mod folders have a look in our FAQ.

Included files:

You can find this in the editor under: BLUFOR -> AIR -> AH-6 mo'guns

If anyone wants, here is the mlod (editable) model, plus
the model.cfg and config.cpp:
- AH-6 littlebird "mo'guns" mlod

Known issues:
1. No multi-language support
2. M134's real rate of fire (like actual individual bullets) can't be recreated in Arma.
3. The last 2 rockets fire from the hellfire position, this is due to some hardcoded junk
in the chopper class meaning there aren't separate missile/rocket positions. It could be fixed
with scripts but isn't really that important to fix.
4. This model should have the FLIR/targeting dome hanging down from the front plus LCD displays
in the cockpit, but pfff screw it...
5. Original armor values, it is really a small little chopper that weighs about as much as a big truck, so any bullets
or crashes should be able to mess it up.

A few words about the multiple guns:
Basically I've combined the animation from the rotating m134 barrels with a turret, so the machine gun rotates the turret 180 degrees everytime it fires, giving it the illusion of having two guns. This is possible because only a turret SELECTION can move the weapon's muzzle, but the selection doesn't actually have to be animated by a turret. This means that it should be possible to manually control a turret or add more than 2 guns onto a chopper. There is a downside though, in that there has to be an AI unit in this invisible turret, otherwise the pilot won't fire his weapons (as in manual fire mode). This would hinder something like adding a turret to a 1 crew
chopper like the kamov. A scripting workaround could be easily added though to add an invisible AI gunner only if the chopper is AI controlled. Another therory is that this technique could be applied to the shilka, but I don't know exactly how to configure it considering the main turret wouldn't have any weapons and the invisible turret with the weapons wouldn't be able to aim. Maybe its impossible? Perhaps a project for another day!

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