Xam 1.6 beta 3 - promo
Work in progress

Snake22000 has sent us a video of the upcomming XAM v1.6 beta 3.

Quote Snake22000 :
With this video I present to you several new feature that I have developped.
You can espacially discover the new audio system, it has never been done before!
No sound in this video has been added, all sound are ingame, none of these sounds are here to make the video nice. Every sounds you hear are of the real action in game. Thats what gives an amazing audio atmosphere!
Different sound according to the distance of the fire and explosions, sound detail highly-detailled.

You can also see lots of gameplay elements, such as the covering fire, or the ammo truck explosion at the end of the video.
The AI will supress me behind a HUMVEE for 3 minutes! As you can see the fight last longer thanks to a new dispersal system for the AI.

Written on 2008-11-14 21:35 by snake22000  

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