XAM Domination! Pack by Layne_Suhr updated to version 3.2
Layne_Suhr has submitted us an updated version of Xeno's Domination! edited for the XAM mod.

Quote Layne_Suhr :
This is Domination! 3.12 Beta 7 by Xeno and is edited for full XAM 1.6 use by Layne_Suhr (AKA Squeeky). It includes a West version and a RACS version which needs Queens Gambit to work.

Version 3.2 now features :
West version includes
    -All the normal Domination features
    -MARPAT Uniforms for Bravo and Alpha Squad
    -ACU Uniforms for all other squads
    -F-16C Fighting Falcons
    -M1A1 Abrams tanks with onboard computer
    -Desert Coloured vehicles
    -New weapons such as Desert Eagle, M4 EoTech etc...
    -Claymore Mines
    -UAV Stryker command console to fly a RQ-1 Predator
    -Full XAM 1.6 Integration
    -Hidden SCUD Nuclear rocket launcher *hint* Found in Northern Sahrani
    -Radio Operator as Artillery Operators
    -Enhanced AI
RACS Version includes
    -All the above
    -DC-3 for transport and paradrop
    -New DPU uniform for RACS soldiers

Written on 2008-11-16 14:38 by layne_suhr  

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