Avgani Urban Domination mission updated

POTS has released a full updated version of this Sector Control map in our forums.

Quote POTS :
Well, the unit types are very similar, but I reduced the AT soldiers (now 3 per side) and replaced the one's I took out with American Riflemen and grenade launching SLA. Now an officer on each side (leader), and now one of each vehicles to start out with is respawnable (4min to reduce vehicle spam). T-72 on SLA side has a respawn that is one minute faster than M1A1 for americans, better balance I would say. Sectors are siezed by style, making a 1 man defense impractical and forcing people to act as a team. 90second respawn for people.
    - 6 five man fireteams total, 3 per side
    - 2 two man sniper teams total, 1 per side
    - 2 three man tank crews total, 1 per side
    - 2 officers total, 1 per side
    - 21 vs 21

Now lots of abandoned cars, a couple of dead blackhawks, sectors now have some theme to them. Such as the highway roadblock sector in the screen shot.

Written on 2008-11-23 06:54 by Big  

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