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Version: 1.0

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Date: 2007-05-12 19:34

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Airstrike Example

With this Editor example I show you how you can create an airstike.

Call Radio Alpha 0-0-1, with this you call the airstrike.
Afterwards you are requested to click somewhere on the map.
Now just click somewhere in Paraiso on the map. You need to wait a few moments, the aircraft is on the way.

After the release the plane is flying away and shortly after it will be deleted.
A little while after you can call another airstrike.

You can simply copy this example with copy&paste into your mission.
Or you can use the Merge button to import the example in your mission.
Then you need to copy the following files and folders from the examples folder to your mission folder:
    1 Folder:
    * Sounds

    2 Files:
    * Setairstrike.sqs
    * Description.ext

The Markers, Triggers and the Logic you can move somewhere to the border.

This procedure is not necessarily always very exact, which in reality is also like that.
Therefore it is interesting in any case. It is possible that it doesn't work correctly in some map areas.
In this case you need to modify the script a little bit.

For this you need trying to modify a few parameters.

For example in Line 49:

? (_plane distance ASTarget) < 1500 : goto "Drop"

Increase or decrease the value 1500 and then in Line 53:


Increase or decrease the value 5.2 accordingly a little.

After that just test it again. If you increase the value in line 49, you need also increase the value in line 53
and vice versa. In order to throw the bombs correctly the plane will set to an height of 100 in a distance of 1500 meters,
then it will get an order to fly at 90 meters. Depending on your point of view and position you can see that sometimes, which you can then change if you want.

Other then that you can modify this example as you wish ;)

Have fun with the airstrike wishes Mr-Murray!

Translation by W0lle

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