Coop mission: Roses All The Way by BigBen17
BigBen17 has released a new coop mission in our forums.

Quote BigBen17 :
From a long, dark silent time, I've finally come back with a new mission called "Roses All The Way" which the part two of my previous mission "The Way Back Home". I haven't taken the real time of designing this mission, but I've done my best of trying to make it as fun as possible.

Basically you have to do is go to the enemy camp, eliminate the enemy presence, destroy the trucks and UAZs and make your back to the extraction point. The weather is not at its best today but the fog will lift up eventually.

If you have any further questions/comments or suggestions about my missions or future mission, go ahead an reply below or just throw me a PM.

thank you!

Written on 2008-11-28 09:41 by Big  

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