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RKSL-Rock from the rkslstudios informed us in our forums about the 3rd advent update which has been released.

The rkslstudios decided to make a sort of advent calendar updating the Arma community every day until Christmas about what is going on with many of the RKSL projects. Every day a special part will be highlighted with information and screenshots.

Quote RKSL-Rock :
Day 3
"Big Cat Diary" - Puma HC1

After yesterday we thought you'd like to see something... well a bit less grey. So we're going to let one of our Big Cats out of the bag. The Puma HC1 comprises approximately 1/3 of the Royal Air Forces Helicopter lift capability. The type has been in service since 1971 but has always maintained its capability with a constant programme of avionics and engine updates. The 33 aircraft are currently split between 2 squadrons but are deployed around the world in various support and combat roles.

CLICK ME - December 3 - "Big Cat Diary" - Puma HC1

Also thanks to Peregrine for the first headsup about this news flow coming from the rkslstudios!
You can view the previous 2 news releases by following any of these links:

Written on 2008-12-03 15:02 by RKSL-Rock  

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