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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.0
Signed: Yes, key included.

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Date: 2008-12-06 15:55

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PROPER Plants autumn textures with lowplants

This addon replaces all ArmA vegetation (trees and bushes).

    1. Przemek kondor beautiful Autumn plants
    2. AI view is blocked by the tree/bush object (better)
    Check Durg's (AI View) Vegetation Fix for details and screens.

    3. Ability to hide in bushes
    (by removing all geometry points)

    4. To run over trees without resistance with the heavy tanks
    (by setting overall geometry mass to 200)
    (unfortunately no 'groan' sound event possible like in OFP)
    That makes mowing down loads of trees again.
    Speed reduction still applied for smaller vehicles.
    ACE Island Pack will feature separate tree models for the forest
    that will slow down even heavy armor.

    5. Ugly white / bright shader (OLD / GONE) removed by kegyets lowplants software.

DO NOT COPY IN .\ArmA\addons!

Instead put it into .\ArmA\@PROPER\addons.

You can check our FAQ on how to use modfolders if you are not sure.

Included files:

Przemek_kondor to use his beautiful Autumn plants textures!
Durg for the view LOD modifications in Durg's (AI View) Vegetation Fix.
Sy and T_D for the help with the o2 scripts!
T_D for the view LOD copy o2 script!
kegetys for lowplants software to remove the shaders on the plants.
BI for the MLODs.


    * Integrated Durg's vegetation view LODs. Thanks to T_D for
    the o2 script and Durg for the permission!
    * Added another version with no lowplants applied. So shaders
    still active on the vegetation.
    * Added BIsign and key file for each version.
    * Attached MLOD package as the permission of BI requires it.
    Please read careful the notes regarding using them.

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