Coop mission: Operation Sakah Freedom - Part 1 - Insurgence updated
Ricnunes has sent us an updated version of his mission.

In this mission you are in a NATO authorized mission with the objectives of driving the terrorist group Talibooms out of this country, to establish a democratic government in the Republic of Sakah and to train the future army of Sakah, the Sakah National Army or SNA.

Changes in this version:
    - Fixed a problem where the suicide bombers and car bombs didn't detonate when near enemy units (West or Independent). In previous versions both suicide bombers and car bombs only detonated after being killed.
    - Removed the UAV and its control unit/script since it wasn't working properly in dedicated servers. Because of this, the UAV addon is no longer required in order to play this mission.
    - Fixed a problem which prevented the mission from ending after being failed due to excessive civilian loses.
    - Updated the Revive-AI script used by the mission to a more recent version (version 0.51).

Written on 2008-12-07 20:57 by ricnunes  

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