Author: Spooner
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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 0.2.1

Short description: Shows messages when someone dies.

Date: 2008-12-12 07:39

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SPON deathMessages

Shows messages when someone dies. This is only useful if death messages are
turned off on the server, but it does give greater control over who gets
the messages and when they receive them.

If BIS default deathMessages are enabled on the server, then this script does nothing.

(Run in init.sqf or init.sqs)[false, true, false, true, false, true, [resistance], ["commanderNoddy", "commanderBigEars"], 60] execVM "SPON_deathMesssages.sqf";

    0: _showEnemyKills - Show all kills where it is obvious who killed who [Boolean].
    1: _showTeamkills - Show all teamkills [Boolean].
    2: _showTeamkillsToEnemy - Show teamkills to people on other sides than the corpse [Boolean]
    3: _showUnexplainedDeaths - Show all unexplained deaths (respawn, fall, etc) [Boolean].
    4: _showUnexplainedDeathsToEnemy - show unexplained deaths to people on other sides than the corpse [Boolean].
    5: _leadersNotified - Group leaders are notified [Boolean].
    6: _sidesNotified - Notify anyone in one of these sides. If array is empty,
    [], notify no-one based on side [Array of Sides].
    7: _individualsNotified - Individuals to be notified, regardless of their
    side. Note that this is the STRING var-name, not the object itself.
    The names are case-dependent! [Array of Strings].
    8: _delay - Delay before informing of the death (seconds). Delay is local,
    so can be different for different players [Number: >= 0].
* Being run over, intentionally or otherwise, is an "unexplained death".
* Death due to spawned artillery rounds (or similar) will show as an
"unexplained death".
* Never shows AI deaths (although it does show players killed by AI).

Fixed: Messages are still seen on a BIS deathMessages enabled server [Reported by Dr Eyeball].

- first release

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