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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.02
Signed: Yes

Short description: This is the first CSLA release which includes many different units and vehicles

Date: 2009-05-30 15:33

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CSLA3 Phase1 release

    Singleplayer missions
      In The Army Now
      Operation Marjoram
      Operation Carmen
      Road To Pita
      Clean Sweep (Queen's Gambit datadisk required.)
      Hips (Queen's Gambit datadisk required.)
      First Blood (Queen's Gambit datadisk required.)
      Steal The Tractor (Queen's Gambit datadisk required.)
      Travel Agency
      Kill The Beasts
    Multiplayer missions
      CSLA Evolution
      - South Sahrani map
      - CSLA vs. US Army
      - possibility to build MG nests with UK-59 (see Features)

      CSLA Domination
      - base on 3.70 version by Xeno
      - added new weapons and features from CSLA 1.02
      - added possibility to recruit AI

      CSLA Warfare for 16 players
      CSLA Warfare for 32 players
      CSLA Warfare for 48 players
      - more than 870 fighting units in one huge war for South Sahrani
      - CSLA vs. US Army
      - AI uses helicopters
      - RACS land and air patrols
      - RACS convoys (RACS protiútoky)
      - added new RACS static defenses on strategic positions on the island
      - used new CSLA WF objects
      - possibility to build nests with UK-59 or AGS-17 (see Features)
      - increased HQ endurance

      - cooperative version of SP mission
      - attack on village of Everon for 1-8 players

      - cooperative mission
    All features are MP-compatible
      New units, vehicles, weapons and objects made according to real-life documents
      New MP and SP missions
      Armament, equipment and parameters of CSLa units are as close to real-life specs as possible
      New fully animated weapons
      RPG-75 dispsable AT launcher is capable of firing only single round.
      New intro animations for all official maps
      Improved AI behaviour in formations
      Improved behaviour of wheeled combat vehicles
      Every CSLA unit may build sandbag entrenchment if he is equipped with "CSLA_sandBagE" magazine.
      Sa-58P assault rifle and UK-59L machinegun can be fitted with optics, provided player has optics magazine (CSLA_ZD4x8).
      Portable UK-59 machinegun tripod
      Script for AI to build/dismantle *MG tripod on a waypoint
      Many new additional features on CSLA units, weapons and vehicles:
      - numbering of combat vehicles (turn off by *CSLA_noRandomNumbers=true;" in mission init)
      - random animation on vehicle destruction
      - AI uses vehicle-mounted weapons efficiently, including use of fire bursts
      - AI uses pistols as auxiliary weapon
      - Bandage Vz.80: when soldier is more than 20% injured, he can administer bandage as a first aid. It will restore up to +20% health. Soldier cannot heal himself over 90% of health.
      - Sa-58P assault rifle and UK-59L machinegun can be fitted with optics, provided player has optics magazine (CSLA_ZD4x8).
      - Sa-61 can be fitted with silencer, provided player has silencer magazine (CSLA_Sa61t)
      - Possibility to shot smoke grenades from vehicles eqipped with smoke grenade launchers by gunner or commander of vehicle. AI uses this feature if vehicle is damaged and can't move.
      - Possibility to deploy static M2, TOW, Mk19 from US vehicles
      ...and many more
Unpack mod to main folder of your Arma installation, keeping the folder structure.
You need patch 1.14 to run the mod properly.

In properties of your Arma shortcut, add following parameter to the path
to executable in �Target� field:
"C:\Program Files\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA\arma.exe" -mod=@CSLA
You may also use template settings of "ArmA MOD Launcher" utility, which is part of the mod package.
These templates are stored together with launcher in "@CSLA" folder with this readme.
No other addons are required to run this modification.

If you do not know how to use mod folders have a look in our FAQ

Included files:

These are signed addons, serveradmins can download the key from here.

All classnames can be found here

Credits & Thanks:
Development team
Core team:


Special thanks:
BI - especially: Edge, bxbx, Str, Jennik, Gugla, Armored Sheep
W0lle (CWR Mod)
Tomáš Hanich and CSLA Military History Club in Piešťany (
Pavel Vladyka a Tomáš Daněk and KVH CSLA Kolin - Pardubice (
Miro Hornik (R-129 photos)
Foxhound (
OFP/ARMA community

.. we hope we don't forgot to someone...

Special thanks belong to our wives and girlfriends, children, families and friends who kept supporting us durings the months we spent working in the project. We sincerelly hope they will keep supporting us in the future.

- updated models and textures of soldiers from version 1.01
- added paratroopers and scouts
- added static AGS-17 on tripod
- added feature - possibility to build nests with AGS-17
- added Sa-58 with bipod and optics
- added Sa-61 with silencer
- added feature – Sapper can build static defense positions (sandbag walls)
- added feature – AI can be mounted to positions behind new sandbag walls
- added feature – soldiers can build trench
- added feature – possibility to deploy static M2, TOW, Mk19 from US vehicles
- added feature – smoke grenade launchers on armored vehicles
- added feature – added ATGM 9M112 Kobra to T-72M
- added feature – reworked changing of weapons on tanks
- updated MP missions Warfare, Evolution and Domination
- many updates and tweaks in CFG, scripts, models and textures
- added 2 new SP missions
- many other updates and tweaks

- fixed FSMs
- tweaked UK-59 tripod scripts
- temporarily removed cannon animation on BMP-2
- tweaked scripts for generating numbers on vehicles
- added 4th digit on numbering of air vehicles
- tweaked "CSLA: US '80s" groups containing M1A1
- removed M1A1 model, default BI model used instead
- added bandage "Bandage vz.80" (CSLA_Ob80) and possibility of self-healing (+20%)
- updated zoom on Meopta optics
- updated CSLA Warfare 1.1 Ares (does not require update of csla_warfare.pbo)

- first public release

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- csla-studio website
- Armaholic forums
- BI forums

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