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Requirements: Advanced Combat Environment - Patch 1.09

Version: 1.08
Signed: Yes

Short description: This is the public beta version of A.C.E. Mod!

Date: 2009-05-19 07:52

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A.C.E. - Advanced Combat Environment
A.C.E Development Team

This is the public beta version of A.C.E. Mod!
The A.C.E. Mod is primarily intended as Enhancement and Extension of the game, it is a full conversion mod and it builds on it's predecessor; WGL Mod (OFP).
We had to make many different choices, and we've tried to make the best choices / balance between Realism and Gameplay.

The mod is intended to be fully MP Compatible, and builds on the most commonly used frameworks, like XEH and S_Hole Display Eventhandler, to be as compatible as possible with other Mods and Addons.

Countless hours of hard work of many different people went into this Mod, and after a few bumps in the road, finding people, fight for motivation, etc, etc, we can finally deliver this release to you.

This release is compatible with ArmA v1.15Beta!

For all features see
Mission for the mod can be found in the Battle Center (Dynamic Coop with DAC) topic where the A.C.E Development Team will keep us up to date to inform you about the latest releases.

Extract the pbo(s) to your ...ArmA\Addons folder or use a mod folder to install/launch it (recommended).
If you don't know how to make and use modfolders have a look in our FAQ.

Included files:

A.C.E. Home

You can download the A.C.E. Islands Pack from this page:
- ACE Island Pack

Credits & thanks:
ACE Lead Staff
ACE Developers
ACE Contributors
    ardvarkdb, Dasquade, Durg78, gTGeneral, Joel, jonny, Maddmatt, messiah, NSXr, Pillage, ProPilot, PuFu, Rg7621, RKSL-Rock, RyanKaplan, Ryujin, Sonsalt, Spooner, Strango, SWAT-guy, Terox
Former Team Members
Beta Testers Community, GOL Clan, Kellys Heroes, LSD Clan, OFCRA, ShackTactical, Theatre-of-War Tournament, Community, Zeus Community
    Aussie Dave, mr.g-c


    - Ak47,Bizon, RPK drum magazine models [Q1184]
    - Bis groups are hidden in the editor by default. New clientside setting can be commented to reinstate the use of BIS groups. Fix #867 [Squelch]
    - Flare sound [Tpm]
    - Italian translation for men class, by =FSI=Gen.Nembo [Alef]
    - Italian translation for vehicles, by =FSI=Gen.Nembo [Alef]
    - Muzzleflash to FALs [Scubaman3d]
    - Prone operating animation for Konkurs launcher [Rocko]
    - Sa58 config [Q1184]
    - Useable sandbags [Rocko]
    - Visible flares in daylight [Rocko]
    - Ah1 and AH64 have bulletproof cockpit glass [Rocko]
    - Ai cannot shoot while going prone from kneel or vice versa [Rocko]
    - Ao Mapping for USSR Army soldiers to fix dark spot on units back (former backpack area) [Rocko]
    - Applying Epi or Morphine no longer plays the medic animation [Rocko]
    - Converted motorbike start sound to mono and wss, fixes #786 [Rocko]
    - Correct picture for Konkurs Missile Tube [Rocko]
    - Corrected MG36 magazine picture when packed in rucksack [Rocko]
    - Function method of ace_fx_cartridges, no longer uses FPS check and string compare method to detect which casing to spawn, also cartridges are now only spawned on ground (building detection disabled) - should save some fps on players machine [Rocko]
    - Huntir rounds and monitor can now be packed in rucksacks [Rocko]
    - Implemented latest version of Homer Johnstons Improved Parachute Scripting [Rocko]
    - Increased indirectHit damage for mines [Rocko]
    - Increased time pain affects units. [Squelch]
    - Javelin and M72 LAW fire sound [Tpm]
    - Konkurs Launcher is now part of crewserved weapons (has some little issues, but is operational) [Rocko]
    - Mp5, SVD Dragunov, GSH fire sounds [Tpm]
    - New 7.62 s.sonic crack [Tpm]
    - Reduced helicopter armor [Q1184]
    - Supersonic crack db values [Tpm]
    - Tweaked db values [Tpm]
    - Vikhr is less maneuvrable and cannot lock on air targets anymore. can lock on laser markers [Pufu]
    - Weapons with physical bipod (visible on model !) can now use it, i.e reduce weapon sway when prone and weapon "rested" on ground [Rocko]
    - Wound AI Respawn script now verifies if unit isKindOf CAManBase before verifying name [Sickboy]
    - You can now manually reload vehicle/static machineguns [Q1184]
    - Ace Map now also blocks map for JIP clients if ACE map logic is placed [Unknown]
    - Ace Map now also blocks map for JIP clients if ACE map logic is placed"" [Xenogf]
    - Bmd AT5 Turret error [Rocko]
    - Bug with the GL humvee dissapearing at times [Pufu]
    - Crewserved M2/NSV couldn't be loaded with ammo [Q1184]
    - Irlock for A10 weapon sys [Aushilfe] [Pufu]
    - Kobra sights on AKM [Pufu]
    - Loading problem with crewserved AGS30 [Q1184]
    - M4 ACOG TA31F reticule despite [Pufu]
    - M40 last LOD no texture bug [Rocko]
    - Model inside insurgent view pilot lod (by SWAT-guy), fixes #492 [Rocko]
    - Mp5 mags could not be packed sometimes [Q1184]
    - No Shape error when using OG/PG round in BMD1s [Rocko]
    - Performance hit from unnecessary debug messages in respawn script. Fixes #798 [Squelch]
    - Rpk74 not using tracer ammo [Pufu]
    - Shilka firing script [Q1184]
    - Ump25 mag round count, fixes #940 [Pufu]
    - View cargo lod - back to original size - no more heads through roof [Pufu]
    - Wrong reticle on the M40A3 [Pufu]

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Advanced Combat Environment - Patch 1.09

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