A.C.E. - Advanced Combat Environment - First public beta released
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pufu informed us on our forums about the release of the first public beta of the A.C.E. - Advanced Combat Environment mod for Arma.
This release is compatible with the new Arma beta patch 1.15!

Quote pufu :
The A.C.E Development Team is proud to present to you today; the public beta version of A.C.E. Mod!

The A.C.E. Mod is primarily intended as Enhancement and Extension of the game, it is a full conversion mod and it builds on it's predecessor; WGL Mod (OFP).
We had to make many different choices, and we've tried to make the best choices / balance between Realism and Gameplay.
The mod is intended to be fully MP Compatible, and builds on the most commonly used frameworks, like XEH and S_Hole Display Eventhandler, to be as compatible as possible with other Mods and Addons.

Countless hours of hard work of many different people went into this Mod, and after a few bumps in the road, finding people, fight for motivation, etc, etc, we can finally deliver this release to you.

We hope that we can improve the mod with your feedback and possible help.
We also like to inform you, that the A.C.E team intends to move the A.C.E. Mod project over to ArmA2, once released.

Our Documentation is also still being worked on, please excuse it's current state.
A.C.E. Mod is looking for dedicated Scripters, Texturerers and Modelers, please visit our Member Application Thread

The massive list of features can be found on the wiki.

More usefull links: As we are uploading the file and due to Christmas activeties of those involved the Armaholic mirror is a bit delayed and will be added later but here is a list of available download mirrors: Also thanks to Sickboy for informing us about the release. Apologies to the team I was to busy (blame Christmas.....) to create you another working file mirror in time before the release!

Written on 2008-12-24 18:22 by Foxhound  

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