Coop mission: Operation Al-Fajr by lightninguk
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US Marines have been tasked to retake control of Avgani following an uprising by local insurgents. HQ MND SW along with Regimental Combat Team 1 (RCT-1)1st Marine Regiment: are deploying from just outside the city also on standby with Apache attack helicopters.are Member of the Apache 1st Battalion, 3rd Aviation Reg US Marines have move forward and establish Forward Operating Bases, their main objective being to intercept the growing Insurgent problem in and around the city.

It is believed the Insurgents are operating out of Avgani Palace, and have a variety of old National Army hardware in their possesion. Civilians still occupy the city and must not be engaged. 2nd Reconnaissance Battalion patrols have reported that the Mosque is also a possible Insurgent stronghold. The USMC mission is to bring peace back to Avgani so it can be returned to the Iraqi people by destroying the insurgency's munition caches, the Insurgency's aim is to push the USMC forces from the area.

Written on 2008-12-30 10:46 by Big  

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