Warfare Cooperative (WACO) - A.C.E. version updated
Doomguy has released an updated version of the A.C.E. Warfare Cooperative mission in the BI forums to adapt it to A.C.E. mod v1.04.

Changed since last version:
    - (ACE) Rucksack of dead soldiers accessible.
    - (ALL) New re-arming script. Still no proper re-arm of commander turrets. Seems like an ArmA bug.
    - (ALL) Fix for respawning as team member: would always respawn as first member.
    - (ALL) Delayed bounty messages. You no longer get an instant message saying how much bounty you get for killing an enemy. Instead, each minute you get the total bounty you have collected in the last minute.
    - (ALL) Fix for broken radio check when player was dead.
    - (ALL) Higher RACS skills.

Written on 2009-02-17 07:36 by Doomguy  

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