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Version: 1.05.5136

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Date: 2007-03-21 23:20

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ArmA: Dedicated Server 1.05.5136

This software is released under end user agreement terms as the original game so you should agree with the terms of the end user agreement of ArmA: Armed Assault as found in the manual before installing and using this software.

Important: Dedicated server 1.05 requires data of fully patched 1.05 in order to run properly and be fully compatible with clients patched to 1.05.

ArmA version 1.05 is NOT compatible with ArmA 1.00 - 1.04 in multiplayer.


You need a Microsoft Windows 2000 or Windows XP computer to run an ArmA dedicated server. We recommend using 2 GHz machine, with 512Mb RAM and a 1Mbit upload network bandwidth.

There are two possible ways to install the dedicated server. When you have installed the ArmA game, you can use the main executable (ArmA.exe) with the command line argument �server to start a dedicated server. While this is easy, it requires the ArmA DVD to be present in the drive during server operation and also original serial number. If you want to run a server without the DVD and serial number, you have to use the standalone dedicated server executable. The latest version of this executable is always available from the official web site .To install the standalone server, you have to install the corresponding version of the game on any machine (you will need ArmA DVD for this), and add the ArmA_Server.exe file to the same directory as ArmA.exe. You can then copy the ArmA directory on to the server.

This document describes dedicated server betaversion.

What is new

5095 - Fixed: Dedicated server crash
5095 - Fixed: Random crashes in MP
5097 - Fixed: Stealing gear from medics was possible
5099 - Fixed: MP server crash (sometimes after JIP client disconnected)
5099 - Fixed: Squad logo was not shown on all clients in MP
5099 - Fixed: Dedicated server required OpenAL32.dll
5099 - Fixed: AI are better planning the path over the bridge
5099 - Fixed: False conflict reported for Handgun, Salute and SitDown actions for vehicles.

See included rtf file for more information, the usage is similar to Operation Flashpoint servers.

The server should be compatible with all language versions of ArmA.

NOTE: Here is the previous version compatible with v1.01, for users who didnt updated the game yet -->Win32 Dedicated Server1.01.5099 Beta

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