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Version: 1.4
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Date: 2009-05-27 09:24

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Group Link 3 - The Ultimate AI Enhancement

Description:The Group Link History:
    The original Group Link script was written by Toadlife.
    KeyCat continued toadlife's work and heavily modified the original Group Link script and tweaked and enhanced it.
    From now on Group Link was avalible and known as Group Link 2.
    Since ArmA was out i converted Group Link 2, added some new features and called it Group Link 2 Plus!

Unrar the GL3 Archive.
Place the @GL3 folder into "C:\Program Files\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA\".
Next create a shortcut from your original ArmA.exe.
Right click on the shortcut and choose "Properties".
Now in the target field you have:
"C:\Program files\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA\arma.exe"
Modify your shortcut target field to:
"C:\Program Files\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA\arma.exe" -nosplash -mod=@GL3

If you don't know how to make and use modfolders have a look in our FAQ.

Included files:

Group Link 3 Setup and Config:
To see how Group Link 3 should be used please take a look into the ReadMe.doc or take a look at the Example Mission, which comes with Group Link 3.
Everything you need to know is documented there.
If there should be some more questions, which i forgot to write down in the ReadMe.doc please feel free to ask them in this thread.

To open the ReadMe.doc you need word or the [url= Viewer 2003[/url]

Example mission:
GL3 v.1.4 Reinforcement:
Example mission how to use the player call in reinforcement feature.

GL3 v.1.4 Extraction:
Example mission how to use the player call in extraction feature.

GL3 v.1.4 Artillery:
Example mission how to use the player call in artillery feature.

BIS for Armed Assault
Toadlife - Operation Flashpoint Group Link The Original
KeyCat - Operation Flashpoint Group Link 2 The enhanced version
=\SNKMAN/= - Armed Assault Group Link 3
snYpir, Zayfod, Toadlife, Igor Drukov, General Barron, TJ - Operation Flashpoint Mod ECP ( Enhanced Configuration Project )
thunderbird84, Harkonin - Operation Flashpoint Mod F.F.U.R.

Chris: for his very useful and pretty nice OFP Script Editor
Kegetys: for UnRap

Special Thanks to:
ZoneKiller: Without this guy i may never had would been come to scripting.
CWR ( Cold War Rearmed ): One of the best and impressive mods ever made for ArmA
Ebud: For his Kick ass EBU SOCOM
Skaven: For his Mercs and RHS Weapons
RHS ( Shadow NX ): For his very nice Hind and RHS Units
Sgt.Ace: For showing me Group Link 2 and ECP in OFP times and for the first step to bring Everon to ArmA
Mapfact: For MAP Sahranie and all other worke they did now and in the past
Norrin: For the best ArmA Revive Script ( AI - Disable / AI Enable Revive Script )
Tophe: For his Building Position Example 1.1 script
ADO: For their pretty nice Units and Weapons
Goeth: For his very beautiful Isla de Pollo
Mark XIII: For his greate ArmA HiFi sound Mod
ACE Mod: For the very nice ACE Island Pack

And to all other Guy's and Groups not listed here which work�s very hard to get Armed Assault, to where it is today.

Update Notes:
Group Link 3 v.1.4 do contain a lot of new A.I. and player features and a lot of bug fixes and optimizations.
- Large ( Engine/CPU ) intense Group Link 3 features are re-written into functions.
- What is a Function: Functions are codes which do save Engine/CPU cycles, becouse they are stored into the ArmA Memory ( RAM ) and executed from there.
- Functions run faster then scripts, which means faster results.

Since Group Link 3 v.1.4 the E.E.H. ( Extended Event Handlers ) are used by default.
This means Group Link 3 is ready to go directly after downloading without doing something.

Warning! Some variables was changed/renamed. “GL3_Public” was renamed to “GL3_Global”
Please have a look at the “ReadMe.doc” for more informations.

Enhancement and New Features v1.4:
Player create Camp: * MP
This feature gives a player the ability, to build up a camp and a fire place where ever and
when ever he likes.
Also the camp can be removed by the player, if its not needed any longer.

Player call in Reinforcement: * MP
This feature gives a player the ability, to call other units/groups of his own side
as reinforcement/s.

Player call in Extraction: * MP
This feature gives a player the ability, to call in a extraction.

Player call in Artillery: * MP
This feature gives a player the ability, to call in artillery support.

Enemy A.I. Airstrike: * MP
Enemy A.I. may do call in a Airstrike.
To use this feature simply place a “SU34” if the enemy A.I. side is East or a “AV-8B” if the enemy A.I.
side is West somewhere close to a airport.

Note: The more Aircraft/Planes the enemy A.I. got, the more trouble you will get with them.

Requested by Hadudy

Lighthouses do use the lighthouse horn at nighttime.

Features Enhancement:

Enemy A.I. which was called in as reinforcement and on the way to the target zone will look for empty
vehicles in a specific amount of time.

If a group got a helicopter, then there will be a random chance that the helicopter do fly a extraction
or return to his original position, after unmounting the crew.

House Search:
Enemy A.I. now will use multiple units of the group to do house search.
This means that if a group is big enough then 2 – 3 units of a group do search for targets/players at the
same time in different buildings.

Take Cover:
Enemy A.I. which had not found cover ( Which if a group got 6 units always 2 – 3 ) then thouse units,
which had not found a cover location do cover the other units while moving to the cover location.
Also each unit of a group got 3 – 5 trials to find cover, the cover distance will be increased
10 meters every try.
Means units do will look in a max. range between 30 – 50 meters for cover from their position.

Enemy A.I. Hearing Aid:
Improved the enemy A.I. Hearing Aid to support weapon and ammo types/classes.
Some weapons of ArmA do use suppressed and/or no suppressed ammo, this problem can be sloved
by adding the ammo type/class in the weapon Hearing Aid array too.

Requested by Legislator

Difficult Skill/Level Min. Max. Calculation:
The enemy A.I. difficult feature now do use a min. – max. value, where the random difficult skill/level of the enemy A.I. is calculatet with.

Requested/Idea by Robalo

Function and Script Enhancement:

Group Array System:
The “Group Array System” is used to check each Group Link 3 group array.
The “Group Array System” is written as function to  HYPERLINK "" achieve best and fastest results.
The main target of the “Group Array System” is to remove groups from arrays where they are
already stored in and check if a group is in a vehicle and if the group still is alive.
The result of this calculation are the pure groups ( without vehicle ) which are then used for
several features of Group Link 3.

Vehicle State Check:
This function do check, if a vehicle can move or if a vehicle is out of fuel.
If yes, then the group do unmount the vehicle and continue the way by foot.

Random Weather:
The random weather feature do now use a “addPublicVariableEventHandler”.
This way saves a lot of resources and codes.

Human A.I. Garrison:
Units/Groups which had already garrison a building and more then 100 meters away from the
building, becouse they was ordered to move to another position will be removed from the garrison
array and give the building free for other units/groups to garrison it.

Action Monitor Array:
The Action Monitor Array is used to monitor every action used ( added ) and not used ( removed ) by a
Also after a player was killed every action used by the player will be removed and re-added in case of
the player was respawned.

Shuffle Array function to randomly check the GL3 Enemy A.I. array.

E.E.H. ( Extended Event Handler ) config fixed and tweaked by zGuba.
Removed not needed Init E.H. classes. ( “LandVehicle”, “Air”, “Ship” )
Only the class “Man” needs to use the Init E.H.

Incoming scream of rockets and shells are now randomsized by 70%.
This means there is a 30% chance to hear a unit/player will scream incoming!

Rewrote of the D.S.A.I. global/public syntax.

Fixed and Rewrote of some D.S.A.I. parts which are assigned to the Event Handler “Fired”
Some D.S.A.I. events was “publicVariabled” while they already was assigned to the “Fired”
Event Handler, which already is global.

Rewrote and optimizing of the “GroupLink3.sqf” script.
Rewrote of the core “Group Link 3 Group Check” routine to a function.
Rewrote of the “Unmount” and “Remount” core vehicle check to a function.
Rewrote of the Helicopter Insertion/Extraction feature.
Optimized the rating system.
Rewrote and optimizing of the Body Detect feature.
Rewrote and optimizing of the Destruction Detection feature.

Fixed the bug, that settings set/choosed in the “GL3_Settings.sqf” did not take effect on GL3.

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