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Date: 2009-01-20 20:27

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2005 Ford Crown Victoria P71 and P72 Police Interceptors
Delta Hawk

This addon contains multiple versions of the 2005 Ford Crown Victoria P71 and P72, including the GPD police cars with the appropriate police officers to accommodate them. It also includes the updated police officers made by Swat Guy.

All the Ford Crown Victoria P71s and P72s feature an uncompromising quality not yet seen in ArmA until now, such as a low poly (less than 7k), yet detailed model with textures as well as both specular and normal mapping plus the addition of all custom sounds. But what truly sets these cars apart from others in ArmA is the fine tuned config, animated and informative dashboard, working headlights, tail lights, reverse lights and dashboard lights and the operable doors aiding in the prevention of accidental ejections at high speed and the ability to add hubcaps to the wheels and future customize the vehicles.

The addons also include five variants of the GPD police cars, a patrol cruiser, a slicktop, a Stealth Traffic Enforcement Car, and a black and a white detective/Narc car. These cars also include a detailed model with textures, accurate equipment, realistic lighting and custom sounds. It is also possible to customize it such as adding hubcaps, pushbumper extenders, animating the laptop and the speed radar. The police cars are so realistic and accurate the front doors´┐Ż side lights are disabled.

A detailed list of all the cars is as follows:
    - 2005 Ford Crown Victoria P71 Police Interceptor, white
    - 2005 Ford Crown Victoria P71 Police Interceptor, black
    - Generic P72 Taxi Cab
    - GPD Patrol P71
    - GPD Slicktop P71
    - GPD Stealth P71 TEC (Traffic Enforcement Car)
    - GPD unmarked white P71
    - GPD unmarked black P71
    - LAPD Patrol P71
America's People contains 3 units:
    - Officer
    - Sergeant
    - K9 Unit
<SG> Police LAPD contains 6 units:
    - Police Long Sleves
    - Police Long Sleves with Hat
    - Police Long Sleves with Vest & Riot Helmet
    - Police Short Sleves
    - Police Short Sleves with Hat
    - Police Short Sleves with Riot Helmet
Extract the files to your ArmA\Addons directory or as we always recommend use mod folders to keep your mods organized and prevent errors.
Check our FAQ for a clear explanation.

Included files:

Credits and thanks:
Swat Guy for help with police officers
Runaway scientist for advise
All the beta testers who helped me
And finally, but not least, To the Men and Woman of the Law.

Bohemia Interactive - Base Models & Textures
Textures - SWAT-guy, Delta Hawk
Modded Models - SWAT-guy
Police belt gear Models & Textures - Delta Hawk

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