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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.24

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Date: 2008-02-23 18:20

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6th Sense ArmA Mod

This Modification is created for usage on servers. (And as such Made for MP)
But it may and can be used by other communities or individuals.
The package has been made with many different considerations, some realism, some gameplay, some for fun.
The main idea of the Mod, is to have a uniformal classes system with many many different units, vehicles
scripts, further enhancements, all made compatible with eachother inside 1 mod.
Newer Modules will become available in the future, examples could be WW2, Vietnam etc. etc.
Original Units, Vehicles, Weapons etc. are unaffacted. This mod needs updated Missions.
(Auto-replace templates for PowerGREP are included in the @6thSenseMod\Tools folder)

The mod is an ongoing project, which means that there will be updates and they can be rapidly following eachother.

Documentation is being made and updated ongoing aswell.

Model texture-path replacement has not been done, waiting for more automated tools aswell as the BIS Tools themselves.

Not all ERA's are complete nor correct yet. Please feel free to report bugs and inconsistencies!

Comments and suggestions are always welcome, but there are no promises of change/implementation.

    Easy-Update Feature! (Pick "Mod Update Check" from the Start Menu " ArmA" group, and follow instructions on screen)
    SIX-Base/Sol/Veh/Weap, my own personal addon/unit/vehicle(class) structures
      Many of the Vehicles are copied to different Camo patterns for having the right crew and transport soldiers on board, possibly weapons aswell in the future (
        SIX_Misc used by most Addons
 SIX_Base Functions
 Network Services v3.0
 Unit Tracking
 USMC Markers
        SIX_Tracers (Based on Many peoples work)
        SIX_Blood (Based on OFPEC Blood, SNKMAN ArmA Conversion)
        SIX_CRDS (Based on Chaos/ChaosStudios CRDS2-P for OFP)
 Body Remover
 Disable Radio Voices option
          Grouptracker for displaying friendly group locations (You can configure/disable friendly group tracking in @6thSenseMod\SIX_Tools.hpp)
        SIX_UI based on TrueIngameUi by Rg
          UI Settings for Chat Messages
          Gearbox big
          Compass & Watch size and position
          Some more smaller and bigger changes (
      Many included scripts in the SIX_base/misc addon Weaponpack (M14, M14 Sopmod, M21, M32, HK416/417 by Garlay. SCARs by Scubaman3d)
      Tweaked Weapons: Engagement Ranges, Recoils, Dispersions, reloadtimes, sway, etc; Prolonged Firefights
      Tweaked Ammo Dammage & BodyArmor for Soldiers (Makes the medics more important again, though it does not make it much easier)
      Many added Weapons, by Vilas
      G11 & AUG by Tiger
      SLA Weaponpack by Tiger
      Many Weapons by Skaven (Check Readme for Full Credits)
      East Weapons by RHS (Shadow NX & Skaven)
      VDV+Marines Units by RHS (Shadow NX & Skaven)
      Merc RACS by Skaven (Check Readme for Full Credits)
      CWC Units by Vilas
      Multicam USA Modern Units, by Simpson
      Zombies v0.55c by NEM (ofpforum, Charonos)
      Guerrilla Soldiers, SLA Desert vehicles and soldiers, and SLA Urban Units by Relikki
      ZS Woodland Units by Zerg63
      1st Infantry ACU Troops by Cameron McDonald
      Marines v1.3 (Desert/Woodland) by Johnny
      US SF Units by Ebud
      BTR80 by Red Cottage (granQ, MechaStalin and Sea Demon)
      BMD1 v2.0 by MechaStalin (Help from granQ)
      M60A3 by T

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