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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.2
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Date: 2009-01-27 19:37

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High Def Tropic Island Objects
Linker Splits & Pathetic Berserker

This is a rework of Linker Splits 'High Def Tropic Islands Objects'. Originaly made for OFP and ported for ArmA by Linker Split
So a great big thanks to Linker Split for giving permission to modify his work.

The list of changes below out line some of the changes I've made. But that doesn't cover the plant groups or masses of folige in his pack as they are a bit dated for the new engine and the only changes made to them were to remove binarizing errors.

No p3ds have been removed or paths changed. This pack is will fully replace the original version

* Rework of all visual LODS. Basicaly laying them out similar to BIS and removing the preload LOD (LOD 10.000 was a trick used
in OFP to load the textures ahead of time and create a smoother running when up close. Can now use frequent=1)

* Rework of the GEO, FIRE, and VIEW LODs to better suit the respective tasks.
ie. Fire LOD = wooded material, View LOD = obscuring folige, and Geo LOD is weighted to allow trees to fall over
(Big trees need a BIG hit however)

*Included a Shadow 0 LOD for almost all trees and most plants and called on the 2nd or 3rd visual LOD as the shadow buffer.
If there was such a thing as unlimited time this could be taken further but what I've done is working well and I think its
better than simply using the first visual LOD. Also provides a good range of shadowing levels via the video options.

*Added various tree/bush classes in properties to many of the items
(the realy big trees did look a bit odd however with the degree of sway so left as just 'tree' )

*'keep height' is now used only on the base of big_tree1-7 and tree5 & all of tree6 and a few select ground covering plants.
So tree canopy no longer slopes with ground.

*Added tree5_flat for purposes specific to the upcoming Australia Island (no 'keep height')

*Added tree5_nv, tree6_nv, and tree7_nv. exactly as tree5, tree6, and tree7 respectively but hanging vines have been removed

*And various other fixes that showed up in the Binarize Log.

Remove any previous versions of Linker Splits HDTI Objects from your addons folder.
Unzip and place the new fc_t.pbo and fc_t.pboPAF_.bisign in the addons folder of the mod folder of your choice.

Check our FAQ for a clear explanation.

Included files:

Island Editors can continue using previous versions for visitor3 purposes (no conflict with new version in addons folder) or de-pbo the new pack, binarized p3ds still work in visitorIslands made with linker Splits old version need NO changes.

Also true to the original you will find the plants in the editor under -->Empty-->HDT island objects. They wont perform the same
as an island placed object ie, they wont fall over but you can look at them, put them in missions or just pretend you have a green thumb in editor.

- Linker Splits upgrade adding normal maps to the whole pack

- Linker Splits Original port of his work from OFP

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- BI forums

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