505 Games want to know what you want!


Thanks to the community 505 have choosen for Packshot 1

Hi Guys
Just to let you know that thanks to your (and your site users) help 505
Games have chosen the packshot 1 for use in the UK as it has
proven to be the most popular.

New Media Maze represented by Anna Stanford "Account Executive" contacted to ask the community for some fan feedback.

They would like to know what you prefer for a packshot for the UK version published by 505.
To vote, and to leave your feedback about the packshot please follow this link.
Or vote anonymously here on the homepage to the top right side.

Additionally they would like to know the following:
If there was a Special Edition version of ArmA released, what would you like to see in the pack?
Leave your thoughts about it in this topic.

As a fan this is your chance to say what you want,
make sure to use this opportunity!

Written on 2006-12-12 23:35 by Foxhound  

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