Author: Kronzky
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Requirements: Arma version 1.09 or higher

Version: 2.0.3

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Date: 2013-11-17 10:39

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Urban Patrol Script

This script allows you to easily create a mission with randomly moving patrols in a predefined area.

Some of the features and advanced customization options that are available:
    Setup Options:
      Patrol any "marker-designated" area with any unit or group, whether it's Infantry, Armored, Cars, or Choppers, using any side (east, west, resistance, civilians).
      Several independend marker areas (for different units) can be used on the same map. These areas can overlap.
      The start position of the units can be a random position anywhere in the active area - in that case some units may even end up on roofs.
      You can create a random number of "clones" of a unit/group you placed in the active area.
      Patrolling units can be stopped or started at any time, and patrolling areas can be moved during the game.
    AI Behaviour:
      The AI will avoid "dangerous" areas, and react intelligently to attacks.
      If it sees a team-member being shot, or spots an enemy without themselves being detected, it will not continue on its regular path, but instead use a flanking approach to get close to the shooter. The accuracy of the approach will depend on the "knowledge" the AI has about the shooter (i.e. whether the shooter was actually seen or only heard).(image)
      If AI units get stuck (mostly due to bad pathfinding) they will try to free themselves after a while.
      Units will make occasional stops of random lengths during their patrols.
      Independent AI groups will share their knowledge about any enemies that have been spotted.
      By default units patrol in "safe" mode at "limited" speed.
    Intel Options:
      A trigger can be generated for each patrolled area to announce when that area is cleared of enemies. (image)
      The units can be tracked via a dynamic marker on the map. (image)
      The marker that designates the active area can be hidden or displayed.
To install this script either copy it into your central script folder, or into your mission folder.
The central script folder is located in your profile directory. This is either at
\My Documents\ArmA or \My Documents\ArmA Other Profiles\[profile name].
It will already contain other folders, for example "missions" and "Saved".
Create a folder named "scripts" in there, put the ups-f.sqf script into that folder, and then you will be able to use it in any mission from the editor or the mission menu.
If you are planning to compile you mission (making a PBO file out of it, in order to distribute it), the script must be located in the specific mission folder!

Please read the included readme documents how to correctly use this in your own missions.

If you have previously used an older version of this script
please take note of the following significant changes:
    * This version REQUIRES PATCH 1.09 of ArmA
    Since it is using features that were only available from that version on.
    * The script has been RENAMED from UPS-f.sqf to UPS.sqf
    (During the transition from SQS to SQF the script had been given a significantly different name,
    in order to avoid mixups, but by now that shouldn't be an issue anymore.)
    * The script DOES NOT REQUIRE A GAME LOGIC named "server" anymore.
    (It will not have any negative effects if it still exists though.)
    * The script DOES NOT NEED INITIALIZATION anymore.
    (It will not have any negative effects if it is still initialized.)
Technical notes:
The "SECTOR CLEARED" message is generated by a trigger that covers the active area. This trigger is automatically created by the script, and assigned to any enemy units patrolling.
In order to catch any path finding 'excursions' the AI may make, as well as any flanking moves, the trigger area is 1.5 times bigger than the actual marker area. (That way there won't be any false messages in case an AI temporarily leaves the active area.)
Only one trigger is created per marker area, even if there are several active units in there.

- initial release

- fixed issue with fast moving vehicles (choppers, planes, some boats)
- removed area markers after area is cleared
- error message that appeared when cloning units was removed

- "Intel" calls now also return a radio message indicating the relative position of

- Some minor fixes with randomly placed units
- nonfunctional "NOTRIGGER" fixed

- Added flow-control variable for each patrolling group

- Changed handling of named units, to avoid syntax error when using unnamed ones
- Fixed "hostile" behavior of troops towards civilians

- Random positioning improved, so that units start either on roads or in buildings positions.
- Option to place random units only on rooftops or only on roads.
- Different civilian models are used when creating clones.
- Optional init string for clones

- Conversion to SQF syntax
- MP-compatiblity added

- SQF optimization
- Added unlimited and labeled tracker functionality
- Fixed issue with units sometimes getting stuck after very long patrols

- Enhanced debug information

- Made "hidemarker" & "notrigger" the default settings "hidemarker" change for dedicated servers

- "randomup" fix
- default trigger activation changed

- another "hidemarker" tweak...

- "noslow" option now also works on cloned units
- Immediate stop of units if group control variable is set to 0
- If units are named, their name is used for tracking markers
- Enhanced AI is now also applied when unit encounters enemy vehicles

- Marker position and size are constantly monitored, so units will immediately
- Script can be called with an array to define patrol unit
- Vehicles can now be assigned to random positions as well

- Marker rotation is read automatically (requires at least version 1.04 of ArmA).
- Check for presence of VBS markers for tracking use.

- Occasionally patrol endpoints for infantry could be in water.

- Infantry units will not try to cross waterways anymore.

- Eliminated requirements for 'server' Game Logic and script initialization.
- Added "NOMOVE", "NOFOLLOW", "DELETE" and "EMPTY" options.
- Some performance optimization.

- Fixed issue with cloned units defaulting to fast movements.

- Better handling of large buildings, when using the "RANDOMUP" option.

- Fixed non-responsive INIT strings
- Improved rooftop positioning for large buildings
- Spawned units will default to limited speed
- No more server Game Logic needed
- No more initialization needed
- Patrol can be started only after spotting an enemy
- Pursuit movements can be restricted to patrol area
- Areas can be considered cleared if a minimum number of units is left
- Dead units can be removed after a certain time

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Urban Patrol Script

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