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Requirements: Extended eventhandlers

Version: 1.5
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Date: 2009-05-30 11:12

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Taliban pack
The Lost Brothers Mod

This Taliban pack is a side project from The Lost Brothers Mod as we got tired of waiting around for someone else to make them. If anyone is serious about improving them or adding additional models to the pack, please contact me.

This pack includes:
    1. Taliban soldiers, Taliban vehicles, & Taliban static weapons.
    2. 80's Mujahadin soldiers (under independent) 80's Mujahadin vehicles, & 80's Mujahadin static weapons.
    3. Afghan National Army soldiers, and an Afghan National Army pickup with DShK.
    4. American Covert Operations units
    5. Custom Weapons Pack (Ak's, Lee-Enfield rifle, SPG-9, B-10)
The Taliban and Mujahadin insurgents essentially represent Pashtun tribesman most commonly found in Waziristan, Pakistan and Taliban controlled areas of Afghanistan. Noted are their puffy pants and ethnic vests and whatever you call the front and back leg/waist covers commonly worn by many Pashtun. Headgear includes the traditional Pashtun cap, Persian style turbans, and Arab shamagh covering the entire face. The face models also have been highly modified to resemble faces of that region. This was mainly done by modifying the nose and chin of the face models.

ONLY IF YOU HAVE THE EXTENDED EVENT HANDLER PBO INSTALLED, the RPG, B-10, and SA-7 guys will yell stuff in Arabic when they fire their RPG or SA-7 weapons. This will eventually be changed to the Pashtun language if I can find some good recordings (aside from the ever-popular "ALLAH'U AKBAR!" cry). (There now a couple of Pashto yells in the sounds).

Extract to your Arma\Addons main folder or as we always recommend use one of the modfolder methods to launch it, check our FAQ to see how to do it.

To Install: remove "Arabic_Sounds.pbo" from your addons (or mod/addons) folder if you had the first version (1.2) installed. Arabic_addons.pbo is no longer needed and it will cause conflicts.

Included files:

Usage with ACE mod:
Do the following steps to use this addon with the ACE mod.
Go to yourArmA/Dta/ACE folder and open the file called: ace_clientside_config.hpp
Go down to the section that says something like:

Hide BIS classes: set "ACE_SCOPE_SHOW_BIS" to "visible"

NOTE: it's 2x a underline ( _ ) before "hidden" or "visible"
#define visible 2
#define ACE_SCOPE_SHOW_BIS _hidden

Change the last line to:
#define ACE_SCOPE_SHOW_BIS __visible

Known issues:
Old missions using the last Taliban pack will have to have their .sqm files manually edited as some class names were changed. To get the infantry working in the mission simply remove "Test_Soldat" from the list of required addons in your mission. If you used the pickup trucks, that is a little more complicated. You need to remove the old names, then load the mission again. The trucks will be invisible on the mission editor so just try to delete all over the general area where they were at.
I greatly apologize for that, but the class names were messed up and really needed to be changed.

Credits & Thanks:
Turban, Pashtun cap, vest, and skirts by REMO.
Shamagh from Namman2
Body models by BIS
Basic body textures from FFAA
Face textures modified BIS faces by Miles Teg<GD> and one face from Wipman.
All models modified heavily by Miles Teg<GD>
Config work by Miles Teg<GD> with help from someone who I forgot unfortunately when it came to implementing the voices...arrrg... was it Cervo? Arrg...I'm sorry...I should have written your name down...but you know who you are. If you'll let me know I'll get your name right in the next update :)
Voice scripts originally by Calm Terror. Voice recordings by Thunderbird84, Rizla Ranger, and Miles Teg<GD>

Also Special Thanks to Jewish Freak and especially Namman2 for helping me out with difficult selection bugs on the model.

Special Thanks to Snake Man for doing the bulk of the work on this update. I mainly just fixed some final bugs on the sounds and windows on the pickup trucks.

- All models fixed/optimized
- Pickup truck class names changed to avoid conflicts
- Config fixed to make it compatible with latest version of ACE
- Blood textures are working now
- model.cfg files made seperate
- All configs generally cleaned up/optimized
- Crap that was not used all removed
- All files now binarized except the ANA pickup truck as it was already binarized by BIS

- New models/textures on Taliban by Yaciek.
- Added Afghan National Army soldiers
- Added Al-Qaeda Lashkar Al-Zil (Shadow Army) Brigade 055 soldiers.
- Added pickup trucks with custom cargo proxies.
- Added ANA pickup
- Added Taliban pickup with Katushya rockets.
- Added AK47 with GP-25
- Added B-10 portable recoiless-rifle.
- Added SPG-9 static weapon.

- Made addons ACE compatible.
- Added American covert operations units (Afghanistan).
- Added new AK-47 weapons pack which also includes an RPK-47 and a Lee-Enfield rifle. That way no dependency on 3rd party addons.
- Added 80's era Mujahadin on Resistance side (equipping them with AK74's as well).
- Added Vehicles and static weapons for Taliban and Mujahadin.

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- BI forums

Extended eventhandlers
loboweawponstaliban.pbo (included)

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