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Version: 1.0

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Date: 2007-05-13 15:34

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Enemy reporting example

With this editor example I show you how you can reported enemies make visible on the map with a marker.
It doesn't matter if they are discovered by you or the AI.

You can copy & paste this example very easy into your existing mission.
Or you can use the "Merge" option in the editor and import this example into your mission.
Then of course you must copy the two script examples from the example folder to your mission folder:
    1 File:
    * Signal.sqs

From the mission you only need the trigger area and the marker with the name: SignalM
The placed units are only used for the example and are not needed.

The script is not necessarily started with each discovery. That would be boring and it remains exciting still despite reporting.
Why did I use two triggers instead of only one? If you use several small trigger areas instead of one large, the number of messages increases on the map.

Have fun with the enemy reporting script wishes Mr-Murray!

Translation by W0lle

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