Author: Shadow.D.^BOB^
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Requirements: - Version 1.14 (Warfare Objects) - Queens Gambit - ACE 1.02 - Afghan Village Download - EMSI UAV Download - Editor Update 1.02 (Included with template)


Short description: basic template for any mission I made on the Afghan Village map

Date: 2009-02-14 18:04

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[ACE] USMC - Template Afghan (@)
Shadow.D. ^BOB^

The main purpose was just to have a basic template for any mission I made on the Afghan Village map.

    FOB Hawk - Main FOB in South-East desert.
    FOB Condor - FOB located on the Northern edge of village.
    VCP - Vehicle Checkpoint on main highway.

    FAC Support - FAC access with VHF Radio. (Mando)
    Artillery Support - Call for HE/Smoke/Illum rounds.

    Call To Prayer - A call to prayer is sounded during the day.
    DAC2 Populated - Civilians and Insurgents in the village.
    BAS Framework - Conditions selector implemented.
Extract Mission Folder to YourDocuments\Arma\Missions

Although the village is populated with DAC2, the idea is the mission maker can add enemy units in their mission area. Its quite fun just to patrol out into town tho, done this on many occasions.
I do have a template in the works for Avgani aswell, hopefully i will get time to work on this a bit more soon.

Anyway hope this is useful to someone, also there is probably room for improvement. So if anyone would like to modify this or add features, please do so. Just please update this post, so we can all enjoy it.

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- Version 1.14 (Warfare Objects)
- Queens Gambit expansion
- A.C.E. - Advanced Combat Environment 1.02
- Afghan Village (Avgani Iraq & Afghan Village)
- UAV RQ-1 Predator
- LowFly EditorUpdate 1.02 (Included with template)

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