WIP report - WW2 Frontline addons
Work in progress
stubblehopper informed us about a new update of his WW2 Frontline addons

Quote stubblehopper :
Included some screen shots of stuff I've been working on lately. Should be ready for another ww2 release in the next week or so, this will concentrate on the Eastern Front and include Russian soldiers in winter padded jackets, NKVD officers, Russian tank crew and Russian Scout /Snipers.
On the German side I've updated the waffen ss models and graphics and included a new Waffen ss officer, plus the long awaited tank crew will be released.
Shortly after this release I should be in a position to release a Soviet T34/85, just working on the last of the graphics issues and the config ccp, enjoy!

4-frontlineaddons_2009-02-25.jpg 4-frontlineaddons_2009-02-25_2.jpg 4-frontlineaddons_2009-02-25_4.jpg 4-frontlineaddons_2009-02-25_5.jpg 4-frontlineaddons_2009-02-25_6.jpg 4-frontlineaddons_2009-02-25_7.jpg

You can post feedback and find more screenshots in Frontline addons Topic.

Written on 2009-02-26 23:21 by stubblehopper  

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