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stubblehopper from the WW2 Frontline addons posted a video of his upcoming addons in our forums

Quote stubblehopper :
Here's a short vid showing some of the units about to be released in a ww2 Frontline update, very shortly. Its a bit of a teaser, as I'm still working on some items. Unfortunately I can't release all of the items in the vid, as they are straight ports from Operation Flashpoint to Arma. But, it should give you some idea of what I want to achieve in the near future, as I'll be starting a ww2 Russian front mod for Arma 2, just as soon as BIS release the modding tools. If anyone out there wants to help, I'd be glad to hear from them, as making a mod is a lot of hard work. Anyway, enjoy!

You can post feedback and find more screenshots in the Frontline addons topic.

Written on 2009-03-06 18:00 by stubblehopper  

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