ACE revive and vanilla revive scripts updated.
Editing and Scripts

Norrin informed us he released updated versions of both his ACE revive and vanilla revive scripts on the BI forums.

Quote Norrin :
As always I'm sorry there's so many versions but I'm trying to create a one size fits all solution with the ACE revive and vanilla revive scripts which can be used with both the AI enabled and disabled.

* There's heaps of fixes in these scripts and many improvements to MP and JIP compatability
* When using mobile respawn points you no longer have to create a "mobile" marker in the editor.
* There's a new variable (_mobile_type) to set in the revive_init.sqf relating to mobile respawn points

    ACE Revive
      * for both AI disabled and enabled missions
    ACE AI Disabled revive
      If you have a large ACE mission eg 10 + players and it is designed for use with the AI disabled then you may be best to use this script instead of the ACE Revive script.
      * for AI disabled missions only
      * tested on a dedicated server with 20 players no bugs seen so far
      * for ACE versions of scripts at times it can be difficult to get the revive and examine actions etc. If this is the case try looking at the unit's feet or head and zooming in (default right mouse) as I find this will make the action appear. If this doesn't work move slightly around the unit and try zooming in again.
    Revive AI-Enabled
      * for both AI disabled and enabled missions
    Revive AI-Disabled
      As with ACE versions in large missions where the AI disabled it may be best to use the AI_disabled version of this script (version X_1.52)

Written on 2009-05-02 22:26 by norrin  

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