WIP Report - Bombarment script
Work in progress
Dogz relased video showing bombarment script in our forums.

Quote Dogz:
Since your still interested heres the final "Teaser" Video before i release it im just going to find some bugs. This just shows its effectiveness during a mission, and in compatibility with other mods such as XAM 1.6 in this case. The final one was the MOAB i just had to shorten it because the video was 6 minutes and boring :) but it shows it with XAM and how it faily accuratly simulates a LGB drop. To add to the experience (Which really helped me even though it was cut from the video) Is to add a plane flying around so you get the feeling it is giving you support.


You can post feedback and find more information in Bombarment script topic.

Written on 2009-03-15 15:50 by Dogz  

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