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Requirements: A.C.E. - Advanced Combat Environment, Avgani Iraq & Afghan Village
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Version: 1.095

Date: 2009-04-14 14:00

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Destroy all insurgent ammo caches. The number of destroyed caches can be checked using the radio.
Ammo caches are used by the insurgents as a source of reinforcements, the enemy will respawn on them unless a US soldier is within 50m of the cache.
There are also four AA site's the area. If they are all destroyed a Blackhawk will be available for use at main base on a 20 minute respawn timer.

Extract to your ArmA\MPMissions folder.

Base Deployment:
At the beginning of the mission, one squad leader will be given the ability to choose a location on the map for the main base to be deployed.
The only restriction is the squad leader cannot place the base too close to a town occupied by the enemy.

Note: if there are no squad leaders, or if the chosen squad leader takes too long to choose a spawn point, then a random selection of some predetermined locations will be made and the base will be deployed automatically.

Rally points:
All Squad leaders have the ability to place rally points (using radio ALPHA), which are an additional spawn point for their squad only.

There are however some restrictions on placing rally points:

There must be two squad members within 20m of the squad leader for him to place a rally point.

If more than 2 enemies come within 50m of your rally point, the position will be considered overrun and the rally point automatically destroyed. You will then not be able to place another rally point for 3 minutes.

You cannot as a squad leader place a rally point if you do not have your ALICE backpack, or if you have requested a limited kit.

Every time you kill an enemy you will receive intel, which goes towards revealing the approximate whereabouts of an ammo cache or AA site on the map.
You can check the amount of intel your team has using the radio. For every 30 points of intel your team has, an ammo cache will be revealed.
For every 25 points of intel an AA site will be revealed.
Note: Only a maximum of two ammo caches and/or AA site's will be revealed at a time, however as soon as one is destroyed if your team has enough intel another will be revealed.
You can interrogate civilians for information, who may give you intel or even tickets.
Squad leaders give +2 intel, every other insurgent gives +1.
You have the ability to search enemy vehicles for intel, however if a vehicle is destroyed or occupied it cannot be searched. The amount of intel received is a random amount between 0 and 7.

Note that if you kill a civilian you will lose 10 points of intel.

Tickets are the number of reinforcements or respawns your team has. This means that every time a player dies the number of tickets goes down by one.
The number of tickets can be specified in the mission lobby.
The tickets can be checked using the radio, and will also be displayed every time a player dies.
When the number of tickets reaches 0 players who die will go straight to spectator mode, and if all players are dead and in spectator mode the game will end.
Tickets can be gained by rescuing civilians if the option comes up in interrogation.
Note that if you abort the game it counts as your soldier dieing, and your team will lose a ticket.

If a humvee is destroyed your team will lose 5 tickets.
If an Blackhawk or stryker is destroyed your team will lose 10 tickets.

Kit limiting:
Limited kits can be requested at the main base bunker, the stryker and rally points.
The rules are:
You cannot request a kit your squad already has.
Once you request a kit you will not be able to request another one for 2 minutes.
Once a kit has been requested, it will become available again after 5 minutes (note the weapon which came with the kit has to be lost).

This mission uses the ACE_map object, so only players with a map in their inventry can see the map. If you are near a player with a map you will get the option to view his map. Only squad leaders spawn with a map.
The Humvee's respawn after 5 minutes if they are destroyed, the stryker and blackhawk respawn after 20 minutes.
Players with the engineer kit can repair the humvees at the cost of 1 ticket.
The Blackhawk can be rearmed/repaired at the mainbase helipad.
The scripts marked as modified have been edited to fit in with this mission, not edited because they were broken. So do not use them for your own missions, use the originals.

Credits & Thanks:
Spectating Script ~ By Kegetys
Urban Patrol Script ~ By Kronzy
Respawning AI for UPS ~ By norrin (heavily modified)
MP Respawn Dialog ~ By Dr Eyeball (modified)
Random House Patrol Script ~ by Tophe of

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