WIP report - Napoleonic wars
Work in progress
Stubblehopper has sent us a couple of ingame screenshots of a new project he started, something totally different this time!

Quote Stubblehopper :
Been toying with the idea of something completely different, I have always had an interest in the Napoleonic Wars and thought I'd try and see what ARMA was capable of in that respect.
I've managed to get some British, French and Prussians in game and although still very much WIP at the moment, they are starting to take shape. Anyone interested in taking it further and helping out, please drop me a line!

4-arma2009-04-1210-01-44-32copy.jpg 4-arma2009-04-1210-21-49-54copy.jpg 4-arma2009-04-1216-03-32-71copy.jpg 4-arma2009-04-1216-04-11-92copy.jpg

When you are interested in helping Stubblehopper or if want to see his previous work make sure to visit his Frontline addons topic.

Written on 2009-04-14 22:42 by stubblehopper  

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