Coop mission : Operation HERRICK - Part 2 by Lightninguk
Lightninguk has released a continuation of the Operation HERRICK mission in our forums.

Quote Lightninguk :
Operation Herrick Part2 coop 23

base on the map Waziristan,

the missions runs using the list of addons below
you have taken over the village and now are, patrolling 4 area RED ZONE/BLUE ZONE/GREEN ZONE/YELLOW ZONE ,Your order to patrol the zones and attack any taliban you come across as we need to get a hold of the area and help the people ,DACS is also running on it so lots of action ,plus a few ieds around also ,just played it with a few m8s and they love it.
new on this map a squad of Special Forces have join your unit,

Written on 2009-04-24 15:06 by Big  

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