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The German demo can be found on this page.

Armamods just told us the following:

Official German Armed Assault website
We have just received the news that the official German ArmA site will be part of The URL for the German site, that is part of Morphicon , is As you can see it is being redirected to the official ArmA site as we speak. The official support email for all owners of the German ArmA version is [email][/email].

Patch for the patch v1.02!
Since there has been some issues with the ArmA patch v1.02 and 64bit systems we're pleased to announce that BIS and Morphicon are working on a new patch to bring your game to v1.02. This patch will be released some time soon. We got a timetable, but in case some "show stopper" shows up, we thought we better not give any date yet but wanted to let you know that a fix for this problem is on the way!

German Demo
The German Demo of ArmA will be available shortly... we update this news soon as it is ready to go! will mirror the German demo as well as we are already doing with the English version!

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