WIP report - Invasion 1944
Work in progress
Marss911 informed us the new screenshots have been released on Invasion 1944 website.

Unless you plan on swimming the English Channel, and walking from the shoreline all the way to Berlin, these vehicles will come in handy. Sure they might not offer much protection, but it's always better than nothing when you're up against the Wehrmacht.

8582-i44_ntn1.jpg 8582-i44_ntn2.jpg 8582-i44_ntn3.jpg
8582-i44_ntn4.jpg 8582-i44_ntn5.jpg 8582-i44_ntn6.jpg
8582-i44_ntn7.jpg 8582-i44_ntn8.jpg

You can find more information of this mod in I44 mod site.

Written on 2009-05-12 10:59 by Pac  

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