WIP report - 31st Normandy mod
Work in progress
rip31st released new screenshots showing the progress of the Caen and new vehicles on our forums.

Quote rip31st:
Were adding a bit of detail to the city. Some fences, walls, bushes, trees, etc. It was a bit barren before. The AI had a tough go there. I'm moving around some stuff and opening it up a bit. In hopes AI can move alright. Otherwise people will have to pay closer attention to AI there.

8582-caen15.jpg 8582-caen16.jpg 8582-caen17.jpg 8582-bike_wip01.jpg 8582-stug_wip2.jpg

You can post your feedback and find more screenshots in 31st normandy mod topic.

Written on 2009-05-14 03:27 by rip31st  

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