week report #80
Work in progress

* Ranzani, N. Waziristan Map
    Nicholas Bell released some new screenshots on BI forums showing the his new map.
    Quote Nicholas Bell:
    On the positive side, in the last 2 months I've logged over 100 hours of work on creating new objects and textures, improved the configuration file, improved the ability of the AI to navigate in and out of the qalats (wider openings and AI pathways), improved the sat map and of course added the offending buildings and walls.

    2661-arma2009-05-1022-23-58-84.jpg 2661-arma2009-05-1022-24-28-70.jpg 2661-arma2009-05-1022-24-43-48.jpg 2661-arma2009-05-1022-25-52-75.jpg 2661-arma2009-05-1022-26-42-28.jpg

    - BI forums

* Safwan Map
    bravo 6 released some new screenshots on BI forums showing the his new map.
    Quote bravo 6:
    for those who are interested, yes Safwan is still WIP of course.
    Some more models were added to the project.

    I would like some real feedback about Real Life data info if its possible, so i can do it or mod it as best as i can:

    2661-safwan23_s.jpg 2661-safwan25_s.jpg 2661-safwan26_s.jpg 2661-safwan28_s.jpg 2661-safwan31_s.jpg 2661-safwan32_s.jpg

    - BI forums

* 31st Normandy mod
    T_Roc released screenshots on BI forums showing updated Panzer IV.
    Quote T_Roc:
    Not the promised shermans, but they are getting closer.
    Only small update on German stuff this time the workhorse of the German panzer arm the Pz4

    8582-p42.jpg 8582-p46.jpg
    8582-p44.jpg 8582-p45.jpg

    - BI forums
    - Armaholic forums

* HiFi Novus Aevum
    Mark_XIII released 3 videos on the kellys-heroes forums to show the progress he made with the next update for his HiFi Novus Aevum sound mod.
    In the video's below you can hear the new sounds for the Av-8b flyby, the Mi17's taking off & landing and the Aimpoints Desert Weapons replacement sounds Demo.


* Spearhead
    Col. Faulkner released new screen shots showing infantry from his mod.
    Quote Col. Faulkner:
    A lot of the detail is not very visible in those little pictures, but (for example) they have proper DMS boots on (correctly laced up too - none of that bloody foreign cat's-cradle nonsense) and not just some random high-leg boot model - and their puttees are properly wound too. Lots more little details to come.

    The guys in fighting order have a first attempt at making them look dirty (90% of the real infantryman's job is just traversing the terrain, not fighting the enemy - and I hate all those squeaky clean addon soldiers).

    Uniforms, weapons and kit are still from c. 1955 to c. 1985.The Gordons are supposed to be just for me (everyone wants to be a Marine or a Para, not a Jock), but I also have beret models in three different styles (a la Paras, Marines and Guardsmen).

    2661-jock.jpg 2661-soldiers3copy.jpg 2661-soldiers4.jpg

    - BI Forums

* Merkava tank
    mikebart released screenshot showing Merkava tank's turret on BI forums.


    - BI forums

* Cold War Rearmed
    OFman released some new screenshots on BI forums showing the Kolgujev island.
    8582-cain_new1.jpg 8582-cain_new2.jpg 8582-cain_new3.jpg
    8582-cain_new4.jpg 8582-cain_new5.jpg 8582-cain_new6.jpg

    - BI forums

* Nightstalkers Shadow of Namalsk
    Sumrak released some new screenshots on BI forums showing an updated version of the Nightstalkers Mod.
    Quote Sumrak:
    Hi everyone,

    Tamika from Nightstalkers fraction on Namalsk
    ..Nightstalkers: Shadow of Namalsk v0.45

    2661-tam_nam_1_small.jpg 2661-tam_nam_2_small.jpg

    - BI forums

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