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Version: 20-05-2010
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Date: 2010-05-22 17:24

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Cold War Rearmed
CWR Team

The ArmA: Cold War Rearmed (CWR) modification is a collaborative project with BI and community fans to bring the ever popular Cold War Crisis campaign and content into ArmA (1.14 or higher).

Key features:
    * Original OFP islands taking advantage of the new texture and vegetation enhancements
    * New vehicles from the Cold War era
    * New units textured in the Cold War era style
    * OFP-like UI design
    * The whole CWC and Resistance campaigns
    * All OFP single- and multiplayer missions from BI

In order to install the modification, run the CWR_v0.36_demo.exe from either the downloaded archive or the DVD.
If you have the DVD version and Autorun enabled, press the Install button on the screen that appears after you insert DVD in your drive.

Note that there will be installed a file called cwr.ico which can be used as icon for our shortcuts.

The installation will not modify your settings for ArmA: Armed Assault.

The technical support and troubleshooting follow the same guidelines as those for ArmA: Armed Assault. Please see the documentation for the
original game for more information.

Check our FAQ for a clear explanation.

Included .pbo files:

Credits & thanks:
Adammo Model imports
Berghoff Everon, Winter Kolgujev, Plant models
Binkowski Textures
DasPenguin Models
DaSquade AT-3 launcher, Carl-Gustav launcher
Ebud US / Russian Units, Malden Sat & Mask images, Intro Sat & Mask images
hardrock Logo
hoz Project leadership, Packing pipeline
Hudson Models
itim_tuko Models, textures
Jahve Loading screens
Jonny Textures
Mikero Configs, Scripting, Missions
Mondkalb Nogova Sat & Mask images, Cessna
Mr-Murray Missions, Cutscenes, Credits
NSXr Military Advisor, Photography, Pain in the arse :-)
OFMan Kolgujev, Everon Sat & Mask images
Pennywise Mission converter
plaintiff1 Trabant
Planck Malden, Nogova, Intro, Models & Model Editing, Configs, Textures, Stringtable
raedor Configs, Scripting, Project leadership
Rellikki Resistance Units
Schnapsdrosel Civilians
T_D BRDM, UI, Packing pipeline, walking CWR reference
TheSun UAZs
W0lle Missions, Project leadership

Archibishop Lazarus T-55
CSLA Studio BMP-1, Vz58, RPG-Nh75 (Maa, Yano.t11, TheSun, Faly)
EricM/RKSL Hind
HWM Mod AH-64 (Aplion, Liongreek, Mainframe, Sparky, AnzacSASSteve)
kenji T-80
Panda[PL] M21
RHS Mod Ataka rocket and tubes
Robert Hammer Bizon
rygugu M60
scubaman3D Carl-Gustav-Launcher, Uzi, FAL
FleePee French Translations
D@nte French Translations
Kya Polish Translations
Snake Man Beta testing
h- Beta testing
i0n0s Beta testing
zipper Beta testing

Enrico Turri BIS
Ivan Buchta BIS
Jan Hlavatý BIS
Jan Horova BIS
Jan Pražák BIS
Lukas Soukenka BIS
Marek Španel BIS
Mariusz Zelmanski BIS
Markus Kurzawa BIS
Morten Gundersen BIS
Ondrej Španel BIS
Tomas Pavlis BIS
Foxhound Providing us fast and reliable FTP/Webspace
A.C.E. Mod Donation of models
sparks50 Pointing towards Schnapsdrosel
vilas Keeping our motivation level constantly high :-) Betatest organization

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- BI forums
- ArmAholic forums

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