week report #81
Work in progress

* HiFi Novus Aevum

* GLT Motion Pictures - The Crate 2

    Legislator Has been working on a very long movie about Armed Assault for some time now and the movie is getting closer to release now.
    He posted a new trailer on our forums.

    - Armaholic forums

* Army Of the Czech-Slovak Republic

* Campania de Malvinas Mod

    catito14 released some new screens on the BI forums showing some infantry in his mod..
    Quote catito14:
    Here are some new pictures of the last improvements of the units, with new cammo, new uniforms an many many new stuff. We hope that this will be the last update, previously to the launch of the Weapons and Units pack.

    2661-gpmg.jpg 2661-l34a1.jpg 2661-mochila.jpg 2661-oficialrim.jpg 2661-pdef.jpg 2661-tropa.jpg

    - Armaholic forums
    - BI forums
    - Campania de Malvinas website

Written on 2009-05-24 22:42 by Armaholic  

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