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Requirements: Addon Pack (Check page info)
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Version: 1.26

Date: 2009-05-25 16:56

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Warfare - BEA

Modified version of new Warfare gamemode.

- Added: Ability to remove wall by striking 'Delete' Button of your keyboard.
- Added: Ability to select Supply/Salvager respawn location (Command centers).
- Added: Ability to spawn at every buildings.
- Added: AI Markers on map with AI Squad Number.
- Added: Airport units availability inside Aircraft Factory.
- Added: Boat 'push' function.
- Added: Cargo Ejection (based of cr), for cargo choppers.
- Added: Class Actions (Repair/Place Bombs...) inside the Class GUI.
- Added: Command Center act as a 'resupply' point.
- Added: Command Center in an Options Tab (replaced help tab).
- Added: Fast Travel from nearby Command Center.
- Added: 'Graphics' GUI. Player can set View Distance & Terrain Grid.
- Added: Headbug fix button.
- Added: HQ Can be repaired with a repair truck.
- Added: M113 Ambu/ BMP2 Ambu act as Forward Respawn point.
- Added: Mando hitching.
- Added: Misc Addons & tweaked the config to balance the game for both side.
- Added: New outro camera.
- Added: New Walls/Roof.
- Added: Nuke (experimental, Commander only).
- Added: RACS Town patrol scripts.
- Added: RACS will keep sending units wave to BLUFOR & OPFOR Bases as long as the town belong to the RACS side.
- Added: Roof have an auto align in function of nearby wall.
- Added: Supply/Salvager respawn button (Commander only).
- Added: Unit/Sat cam.
- Added: Upgrade System.
- Added: Vehicles bought by player spawned locked, player can lock/unlock them indefinetly.
- Added: Walls have an Align function (based off cr cti).
- ArmAlib: NVG Auto Adjust.
- ArmAlib: Statistics availability (toggleable in InitMission.sqf).
- ArmAlib: TrackIR 6 DOF Support.
- Modified: AI Team leader behaviour (They'll buy light/units/air) in function of their cash.
- Modified: Code optimization (removed unecessary scripts from original warfare).
- Modified: Extended vehicles spawn range from MHQ (starter vehicles/supply/salvager)
- Modified: Game no longer end after MHQ Destruction.
- Modified: GEAR Menu to allow the customization of the player's AI.
- Modified: Revisited some prices.
- Modified: Spawn time 30 seconds.
- Modified: SQF Converting. Most of the server side scripts are SQF'ed (optimization).
- Modified: Town defense patrols (Behaviour:safe, random units).
- Modified: Unflip button now unflip nearby vehicles too, you don't have to be in a vehicle to use it.
- Modified: Walls / Roof cannot be set next to a depot / camp.

- Statistics: Statistics Tracking display: click on player name to see there stats

Missions available on:
- SAP Everon 2.0
- Sahrani
- Barbuda
- Alameda

Just extract the pbo file to your ArmA\MPMissions folder

Credits & Thanks:
- Addons: All credits goes to their originals makers.
- Mission: Mission made by Benny, based of Warfare 1.1.
- Special Thanks:
ZMEY for porting some OFP Models to ArmA.
McFly, for being... him .
Britxr,Scorpionzi,Johnnie Walker,exe,Chris and all the Hotshots clan for their support.
And to all that i forgot to mention

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- @XR Addons Pack V4 (508 MB)

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