WIP report - Invasion 1944 in ArmA 2
Work in progress
I44_John sent us a video showing some addons of the Invasion 1944 project in Arma 2.

Quote I44_John :
We (Invasion 1944) have some people that got the German release version of ArmA2. So someone decided to put the addons in ArmA2 to see how it would work out. All of the files were put in unedited. There are some issues, like (hidden) selections not working anymore, the ODOL model format may have changed (ODOL models of the soldiers didn't work, only MLODs), some sounds are screwed up, but all in all the straight-forward port seems to have gone through with a minimal amount of problems.

More videos of the experiment can be found in the Invasion 1944 Youtube channel.

This doesn't mean they will switch to ArmA2 right now, they are in the process of wrapping up the ArmA release. They just wanted to see/prove how easy it would be to port stuff.

Written on 2009-05-29 19:05 by Pac  

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