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***** Update *****

The BI forums are back online!

Quote hlavac :
I have moved the forums to a new powerful dedicated server so that it does not interfere with our other webs and can be tuned independently.
Expect minor outages as I squeeze the last bits of performance out of it with minor tweaks over the next few days..


Placebo informed us the BI forums which are currently down will stay down till probably Monday.
The forums have been taken down to make sure the Official Arma 2 website would be available for all Arma 2 owners to download the patch.

Quote Placebo :
The BIS forums should be back possibly Monday, we need to separate the forums from as the traffic on the forums was taking the website down with them.
Priority is to keep online so people who bought ArmA 2 would see the 1.01 beta patch.

We'll look into where the problems are and try to get them resolved as soon as possible.

Written on 2009-06-02 08:34 by Foxhound  

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