Author: norrin
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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 0.11 beta
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: Adds the possibility of fastroping for both AI and player units to Arma 2: OA.

Date: 2012-01-21 11:01

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MP Compatible Fast Rope Addon

norrin and DeanosBeano

1. Allows an AI pilot to move to a waypoint and then AI and player automatically rappel to the ground once the fast ropes are deployed.
2. Allows player pilots to fast rope AI units at their whim.
3. If a player is in a cargo postion then he will get an option to deploy fastropes from a stationary chopper, he will also get an option to descend ropes

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Included files:

Please read the included readme for clear details how to use this script.


Author notes:
I've tested these a bit on a dedicated server using the latest OA betas and so far so good. They need a decent stress test with multiple players though so if you're up for it please feel free to post any bugs you encounter or suggestions you might have in this thread. If they're OK then I should be able to get version 0.9 out fairly quickly and will update the first post then.

Credits & Thanks:
Rope adapted from: DeanosBeano
Rope animations courtesy of: da12thMonkey and deanosbeano
Coding ideas: OFP fast rope script, Geloxo's handy tools addon, BAS, norrin, DeanosBeano and Rocko

Addon created and compiled by: norrin and DeanosBeano
Scripts and config by: norrin and DeanosBeano

Change log:
- Fixed issue with using the fast-rope taxi when not using any of the other fast-rope functions.
- Attempted to fix AI units' fascination with detached ropes (maybe a little better but they still will turn to face ropes).
- Updated readMe to include use of fast-rope taxi.
- Added example mission that only uses the fast-rope taxi.

- Some “\” were missing from the script paths in the addon
- Also added a wait statement so that the fast-roping choppers should not egress prior to deploying ropes.

- fixed some units not descending rope
- fixed ropes not detaching from choppers
- added distance move away from rope variable for AI insertions (default distance is 5)
- fast roping is now possible from BAF Merlin
- fixed bug in AI choppers moving away from insertion point using a script
- added chopper taxi scripts to addon
- changed departing waypoint to sqf
- Added init variables to give the option of not deleting crew downed chopper if it is allowed to respawn
default is false ie. chopper and crew will be deleted when new taxi is respawned
- added more precompiled functions to the taxi scripts
- further optimisation made to the Land_destination and Extraxtion_destination scripts.
- made all local vaiables "private" to locally running scripts - should reduce the possibility of misdefinition of local var values
- chopper moveAway scripts for AI piloted fast-roping must now be in sqf format

* Rewrote fast-rope system - fast-roping now uses animations built into the ropes rather than the attachTo method used previously - should hopefully reduce network traffic as the scripts no longer spam the attachTo command.
* Replaced all setVehicleInits/processInits with publicVariable eventhandlers - should reduce network traffic and data download required when joining a mission in progress.
* Precompiled functions have replaced some drawn out sequences of code and code repetitions - should speed up the processing of the scripts.
* Removed all instances of waitUntil to reduce processor over-head.
* Added geo lods and shadow lods to the rope models and additional rope models for the MH6.
* Modified fast roping animations so that the units fit on the ropes better (still could do with some tweaking though).
* Added additional chopper compatability ie. CH47, MH6J and UH60M_EP1 and removed MV22 (Please let me know what other vanilla choppers you want added).
* Jettisoned ropes should now appear on the roofs of buildings.
* Added fast-roping sound while units descend the ropes (see acknowledgements in the readMe for the original source).

* Player passenger deploying ropes on a dedicated server bug identified by Nemorz

* added the ability to fastrope from Mi-24s

* Fixed incompatability with ADuke's Black Hawk Down helo pack
* Over-ride timer now included for AI pilots fast roping units - fixes dropping of ropes by AI pilots before all units have fast roped

- if fast ropes were released by a player pilot while units were still roping only one rope would detach and fall to the ground and the other would remain attached.

* Added: Dual fast-ropes
* Fixed: Can now land, reload with troops and fast rope again and again

Credits & Thanks:
Rope adapted from: DeanosBeano
Rope animations courtesy of: da12thMonkey and deanosbeano
Coding ideas: OFP fast rope script, Geloxo's handy tools addon, BAS, norrin, DeanosBeano and Rocko

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