week report #82
Work in progress

* Tobies Go-Cart

    Tobie released some new screens on the BI forums showing a Go-Cart he is working on.
    2661-unbenannt2i.jpg 2661-unbenannt3x.jpg 2661-unbenanntd.jpg

    - BI forums

* LordJarhead's soundmod

    LordJarhead released video on BI forums showing the new soundmod.
    Quote LordJarhead:
    I have worked on a sound mod some month ago, then i found out how great ACE mod is. So i made a rework of my sound mod to use it in ACE-Mod. The problem: I have no idea how to make a config file and so i used a config from a other sound mod for ACE... thats why i dont wont to upload my mod, even i know, how to make an own config...

    So, here is a short video shows you "some" of the new sounds in the game, and some sound (only the env-sounds of the vehicles) are from the other sound mod i have to used.

    - BI forums

* Spearhead

    Col. Faulkner released two screenshots on BI forums showing textures of the weapons.
    Quote Col. Faulkner:
    I've finally managed to get some of the weapons properly unwrapped and
    am now trying to texture them in earnest. Good texturing is deceptively

    8582-slr0.jpg 8582-slr2.jpg

    - BI forums

* Merkava tank

    mikebart released two screenshots on BI forums showing the Merkava tank.
    Quote mikebart:
    havent done much more since the last pic really but thought i'd show some wires, looks like one of the simpler parts, but i actually had a prick of a time modeling the front section of the hull

    8582-mk34.jpg 8582-mk35.jpg 8582-mk36.jpg

    - BI forums


    DerRelienT released screenshots of the reworked AAVP7A1 on BI forums
    Quote DerRelienT:
    Will continue to add detail (Didn't touch the back and front yet)
    However, I don't think that I can fix anything about the interior of the vehicle, as I have no idea how to UV map, or even have any programs that could..

    8582-aavwip1.jpg 8582-aavwip2.jpg 8582-aavwip3.jpg
    8582-aavwip4.jpg 8582-aavwip5.jpg 8582-aavwip6.jpg

    - BI forums

* CSLA Studio

    EMSI released new screenshots of the CSLA mods version 1.02 on BIS forums
    Also he released two videos showing the mounting weapons.

    Quote EMSI:
    Two short videos showing how to mount UK-59T machinegun and AGS-17 grenadelauncher on tripods (carried by assistants)

    ]2661-csla3_26maj2009_01.jpg 2661-csla3_26maj2009_02.jpg
    8582-csla3_27maj2009_01.jpg 8582-csla3_27maj2009_02.jpg 8582-csla3_27maj2009_03.jpg

    - BI forums
    - ArmAholic Forums
    - BI forums

* Iraq Republican Guard Units

    maza94 released two screenshots of his Iraqi Republican Guard units on BI forums.
    2661-screen1nsx.jpg 2661-screen2e.jpg

    - BI forums

* Project RACS

    wld427 released screenshots showing the S-620 on BI forums.
    Quote wld427:
    Its based on a stretched version of our M250 chassis. I have not named it yet or anything. right now i am calling it the S-620... I intend for it to counter the Scud or Scarab\Frog missile types.


    - BI forums

Written on 2009-06-03 04:41 by Armaholic  

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