VME PLA Mod for ARMA II is back!
Work in progress
3-pla_mod_01.jpg 3-pla_mod_10.jpg

Alex.XP from informed us that the team who created the VME PLA Mod is back to work on a version for ArmA2. Thanks also to TonyRanger for the heads up.

Quote Alex.XP :
Hi my friend!

Remember the VME PLA MOD in OFP times?

Yes, we are come back!

Click Read more... to watch more pics of the PLA Type 95 Assault Rifle and PLA WZ-10 Gunship

3-pla_mod_01.jpg 3-pla_mod_02.jpg 3-pla_mod_03.jpg

3-pla_mod_04.jpg 3-pla_mod_05.jpg 3-pla_mod_06.jpg

3-pla_mod_07.jpg 3-pla_mod_08.jpg

3-pla_mod_09.jpg 3-pla_mod_10.jpg 3-pla_mod_11.jpg

Written on 2009-06-06 22:16 by Alex.XP  

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