CRCTI Warfare MP updated
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Squeeze has updated the CRCTI missions on the BI forums.

Changes since last version:
      -fixed JIP again(think I found the issue for sure this time)
      -remove airlift from non transport choppers
      -move commander to last slot
      -fixed JIP
      -added "call units" a patch must have fixed that
      -tidy up AI communitcation menu.
      -added 2500 view distance
      -view distance double's for pilots and gunners when above 40 meters
      -fixed heaps of "undefined variable" errors
      -changed player unit models
      -fixed trade in value of weapons (most expensive items tested anyway)
      -started "notes" help section
      -fixed saved game (not sure if I got everything so bug reports with loaded games needs to be stated that it was a loaded game) still heaps to do but I've had enough for now

Written on 2009-07-04 10:09 by squeeze07  

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