Author: Mr-Murray
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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.2

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Date: 2008-05-25 20:53

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Artillery Example for Multiplayer

With this editor example I show you how to make an artillery system working in Multiplayer.

Every Player now has the possibility to call artillery on a map position by using one of the radios.
After the radio use, he is asked to choose a postion on the map.
Once he set the position on the map, the artillery shortly after starts to fire.

You can simply copy this example with copy&paste into your mission.
Or you can use the Merge button to import the example in your mission.
Then you need to copy the following files and folders from the examples folder to your mission folder:
    3 Folders:
    * WestAri
    * EastAri
    * Sounds

    2 Files:
    * Init.sqs
    * Description.ext

Dust clouds:
If you want to disable the dust clouds, place a ; in the line at the according Fire.sqs

_K exec "westari\artismoke.sqs"
change to
;_K exec "westari\artismoke.sqs"

The dust then is disabled!

Have fun with the Artillerie wishes Mr-Murray und Jörg.F


Translation by W0lle

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