Author: Mr-Murray
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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.0

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Date: 2007-05-13 15:37

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With this editor example I show you how you can make the mine usable.
Currently you can't defuse the mines, but I'm working on it.
Probably an addon would be better for this case.

You can copy & paste this example very easy into your existing mission.
Or you can use the "Merge" option in the editor and import this example into your mission.
Then of course you must copy the two script examples from the example folder to your mission folder:
    2 Files:
    * pzmine.sqs
    * apmine.sqs

Is the explosion too heavy? Ok, then just change the explosive in the script:

;Script & Idea by Mr-Murray 2006

_Soldier = _this select 0
_Bomb="BO_GBU12_LGB" createVehicle [0,0,1000]

_Bomb setpos getpos _Soldier


Change the explosive in this line:

_Bomb="BO_GBU12_LGB" createVehicle [0,0,1000]

Instead of BO_GBU12_LGB change it to:

M_Javelin_AT or M_Hellfire_AT

then they are a bit weaker but can't harm vehicles anymore.

Have fun with the mines example wishes Mr-Murray!

Translation by W0lle

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