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Version: 1.0

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Date: 2007-05-13 16:24

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Vehiclerespawn example

This script offers you some more possibilities to use the vehiclerespawn, then just the default respawn.
With this you can define all you want in only one syntax and further for every single vehicle an additional
individually one.

Every vehicle has an Logicpoint, which got defined as Spawnpoint (for example: Veh1pos). Further there is
an Checkingtrigger which checks, wether the vehicle is still alive or not. This one runs the script only
if it noticed that the car is no more able to drive or already got destroyed.

The way how to define the Checking trigger:

condition: !Canmove Veh1
activation: [Veh1, "HMMWV", Veh1Pos, 181, 10, 10, 1, 1, 1] exec "vehicle-respawn.sqs"

You only need to rename the Logicpoint. Top: Veh1Pos

The activation order is known as follows:

[Vehiclename, Vehicleclass, Respawnpoint, Azimut, Respawntime, Numbers of respawns, Delete, static, Effect]

Vehiclename 		name of vehicle
Vehicleclass 		Class of Vehicle
Respawnpoint 		as itself (Name of the Logic (On top:Veh1Pos) 
Azimut			direction
Respawntime		time to next Respawn
Numbers of respawns 	counts of respawn which are left (0= no respawn left)
Delete 			delete vehicle (0= vehicle get not deleted, 1= vehicle get deleted
static 			respawn static or flexible (0=static; 1=flexible)
Effect			explosion effect while deleting

As you can see this respawn offers you a lot possibilities to create your MP-Mission

How to:

You can use this example quit easily. Just copy and paste it into your Missionsfolder.
Or use the Editorpossibilitie "consolidate" and paste the Examplemap into your mission.
Now you only neet to copy the following File out of the Missionsorder from this example into
your Missionsdirection:


Much fun with the Vehiclerespawn wishes you, Mr-Murray!

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