WIP report - Lost Key II
Work in progress
Loki informed us on our forums the Lost Key Systems Scripts will be brought to ArmA2.

Quote Loki :
Yep you guessed it, the lost key is back. Bigger, better, faster, and aqua.

What is the lost key?
It is a stress testing tool for mission makers.

features include.. but not limited to:
    * only works in SP and local if you are the host... NO MP!!
    * AuraVision
    * Ghost Mode
    * God Mode
    * Unlimited ammo
    * the ability to spawn anything in your addons...
    * teleport
    * h.a.l.o.
    * full music player with custom music
    * hitch anything
Oh.. did i mention the entire arsenal of artillery?
Just to mention a few of the options for making missions right the 1st time.
or leveling a town cuz you're bored.

4-lost_key2_1.jpg 4-lost_key2_2.jpg
4-lost_key2_3.jpg 4-lost_key2_4.jpg

You can find more screenshots and post your feedbacl in the Lost Key II wip topic.

Written on 2009-06-12 10:48 by Foxhound  

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